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Whether tracking vocals, a small string section or a full band, the combination of a great microphone selection and expertise gives you the very best in sound recording. With the very latest Pro-Tools HDX system, you not only get fantastic quality but it also gives you the flexibility to edit quickly and precisely.

The studio is often booked out to host writing sessions. It's a fantastic creative environment with a selection of keyboards and guitars available to put ideas down as quickly as you can think of them. Call us to arrange a look round the studio and to discuss your project.

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With the combination of an extensive set of plugins and the industry renowned SSL AWS 900+ SE analogue console, Chestnut Studios gives you all the best tools for great sounding mixes. Our new e-mixing service offers the same great mixing results but at a discounted rate. The whole process is handled remotely for you but we still give your tracks the full attention they deserve.

Simply pre pay for the service, upload your audio files to our server and we will send you a fully mixed track in a short turn around time. Call us for a free quote and to discuss your project.

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Voice Over, ADR, TV, Film

Voice Over/ADR/TV/Film

If you are looking for a voice over studio or ADR facility then take a look at Chestnut Studios. With a great mic selection suited for voice and 2 isolation booths, it makes the ideal facility for recording podcasts, radio plays, showreels, voice overs and ADR. For TV and film sessions, with a large 32" flat screen in the control room for client reference and the ability to feed the whole studio with a reference picture for musicians and artists.

Cross platform compatibility with Pro-Tools HDX and high speed internet access allows us to see your project through to the end, including seamless transfer to Post Production houses. Call us to arrange a look round the studio and to discuss your project.

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